Final Reflection: Patrick

One thing about Japan that keeps me interested in this country is that I always get surprised. Japan it seems, is always on the edge of technological revolutions, but it remains attached to a past rich with history. Continue reading “Final Reflection: Patrick”


Final Reflection: Rosa

One of the interesting uses of technology I recall experiencing in Japan was at Odaiba’s Aqua City mall. There was a female life-like robot that blinked constantly and mimicked realistic body language. It operated by asking questions via a holographic panel to the side.

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Final Reflections- Faye

Our month-long trip to Japan has almost come to an end, and my fellow classmates and I are already starting to dread the upcoming departure. We have all made many new friends, and had various unforgettable experiences here in this place that we have called our home for the past month. Now that we have had three weeks of experience behind our belt, it is a good time to sit back and reflect on our group study trip, not only as it relates to technology, but also as it relates to our subjective, personal experiences.

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Arcades | Rosa & Lean

Japan is well-known for its its innovation and need for efficiency when it comes to technology (transportation and vending machines etc.), but with such a large population  there is also a need for entertainment. This week for our technology blog, we’ll be focusing on arcades—otherwise known as ゲーセン (game centers) –that are common in busy areas like big malls and shopping districts. Although relatively rare and a dying breed in Canada, arcades are alive and well in Japan. Continue reading “Arcades | Rosa & Lean”

Vending Machines | Faye & Lean

It is a widely known fact that vending machines are ubiquitous in Japan and found on almost every road, street corner, and train station. They sell small snacks, tobacco products, and hot food in addition to the standard cold drinks and can be found anywhere from developed areas like Tokyo to more rural farming areas as well. This week, we will be examining the present and future of vending machines in Japan, along with their many roles in Japanese society. Continue reading “Vending Machines | Faye & Lean”

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